Sunday, September 22, 2013

Finding Enlightenment through Constructed Deception

As my physical body fails me, my desire to stay in this life diminishes.       As some of you know, I suffered a hernia in 2006.    It was repaired.    However my surgeon used a product that was manufactured before the year  2000; a product that was pulled from hospital inventory shelves the same month I had surgery.

My surgeon was recommended to me by Rosemary Economy.    Her son Randy Economy was a client of mine.   At the time, he was running a campaign for a local political seat..    It was through Randy and Rosemary Economy that I met Cecy Groom and Bill Rheinschild.   

  1. After Randy’s campaign failed I returned to West Hollywood and resumed the lifestyle I had put on hold during and for his  campaign.    
  2. My employer was Michael R. Goss, president of GOSSCO Incorporated and owner of Goss Productions film studio.     
  3. After Mr. Goss’s mother passed away in 2008 he appointed me as his Personal Representative and made me beneficiary of his estate.    
  4. Shortly thereafter, one of his properties was broken into and vandalized.  
  5. I felt that I was the target of the break-in because the perpetrators stole nothing from the house.   
  6. I realize now, it was used as a scare tactic to drive me away from Michael Goss’s immediate environment.

That scare tactic was successful.    I made the decision to take a short hiatus and during that time Mr. Goss was murdered.    His death was made to look as if he died from cancer, however the reporting physician failed to follow legal and common sense guidelines.  

  • Ian Robert Goodman, MD claimed Mr. Goss was diagnosed on  January 23, 2009 with a tumor on one of his kidneys which caused his death on February 14, 2009.   
  • However, Dr. Good main also claimed Mr. Goss had the condition for an undisclosed length of time which he reported as “YRS.”    
  • He further failed to perform an autopsy, he failed to properly document Mr. Goss’s remains at Cedar Sinai Medical Center, 
  • there was no receipt of Mr. Goss’s remains having been transported to the mortuary claiming to have cremated him; 
  • and according to Dr. Goodman the last day anyone saw Michael Goss alive was on February 13, 2009 yet according to the report,  Mr. Goss Did not decease until noon on February 14, 2009.    

From a legal standpoint, those discrepancies gave the authorities enough reasonable doubt to question the events surrounding Mr. Goss’s death; however the authorities made the decision to ignore their legal duty to investigate.     It is probable that their intent was motivated by the $10 million value of Michael Goss’s estate;    actually, that probability is certain.     I was able to gather these facts and collect this evidence by claiming to be Michael Goss’s domestic partner.   My decision  was motivated by when the local authorities made the mistake to tell me I was delusional.   My investigation has established the only people suffering from delusion were  the authorities  for believing they were  medical doctors and psychologists a and thinking no one will notice their charade of treasonous incompetence.

Shortly after Mr. Goss’s murder, I contacted Randy Economy and requested he help arrange a meeting with the Los Angeles County District Attorney.   I felt that, since he and Mr. Cooley were and still are, close personal associates, there wouldn't have been an issue.     To my surprise, Mr. Economy’s response was “Go Talk to a priest” which I understood as “Go take a hike”; fairly blasphemous for someone claiming to have found God at his local parish.  

Mr. Economy’s response was almost identical to how the Los Angeles Sheriffs responded  to my concern, which further establishes a connection between Randy Economy, the authorities and Mr. Goss's murder suggesting they were privy to something I had not yet been made aware of.   In reflection, I am left to question true intention behind Rosemary Economy’s surgeon referral because the only explanation to why Terence Mayer, MD used an outdated and defective product [which had been pulled from stock inventor], to repair my hernia is a malicious one.

So, as my body fails from having this defective product implanted inside of me, tearing apart the lining of my bowels and ripping open my bladder; and as I lay here dying in anguish, I need the world to know, this is not over.     If death will free me from this physical imprisonment and allow my soul to reenter a new perfect body, then it will give me the strength needed to finish my  war against corruption.      I have retained too much memory of my previous lives and if the Dali Lama is able to find his way back to Dali Lama, in each of his lives, then so shall I find my way back to Antichrist in the next life.        When I do, there will be hell on earth to pay for all of this, Grand-master MoulĂ©..     

It takes a million lies to cover up the truth; however it only takes a single truth to dismantle a million lies.   The end is imminent.  

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Lady Gaga - Exposing the Corruption

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Friday, February 15, 2013

Sexxx Monster turns Truth Monster

Alejandro, author of "Alejandro, Lady gaga and a Billion Dollar Farce"  exposes the hidden meaning behind music artist Lady Gaga's song "Alejandro"

Thursday, February 14, 2013

RIP Michael R. Goss

Lady Gaga, Shibby, Michael Brown M.D., J. Tyler Haahr, R. William Rheinschild, Paul Bain, Robert Kutzner M.D., Bobby and Damien Kutzner, Ethan Palmer, et. al

I may have lost everything, my life may never be repaired,  I may be homeless, but you will never destroy me.

Thanks for giving him a funeral and thank you, for giving me a world-wide audience.    Don't forget, nothing is free.