Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Letter to the Simon Wiesenthal Center

I doubt if anyone at the center remembers me. My name is Alejandro Estrada, my mother is Jewish and in August 2012, I begged the Jewish community to acknowledge the horrible antisemitic defamation I have been attacked with, which has been directed at me by the Freemason Fraternal Alliance.

My own people closed the door in my face and left me to perish among the hatred of gentiles.

In desperation I approached the Roman Catholic Church, they have imposed an excommunication on me which exposed the Freemason corruption within the Catholic Church.

On October 10, 2012, I issued a press release that communicated this message from God:



On October 16, 2012, I issued another press release that gave this warning:

G-D is the only reason I am alive and fighting for our existence against the BEAST which is trying to consume the Human Race all the while, hiding covertly, as wolves in sheep's clothing, leading the flock down a rocky ridge of which, none will be able to climb up from.

The need for urgency is because one, two maybe three more steps, and the human race will be balancing itself on the edge of a flooded quarry and then, it will not be matter of if, but only when, the tender hooves of G-D's lamb lose its footing on the slippery slanted rocks of the Quarry; at which point nothing will save us from THE BEAST called FREEMASONRY.

On November 7, 2012, The Vasquez family died in a rock quarry in Guatemala during a 7.4 earthquake. Then on the morning of my birthday, November 15, 2012, conflict erupted in the Holy Land.

The reality is, my people turned their backs on G-D the day the Simon Wiesenthal Center made the decision that one humble Jewish boy was not good enough for their acknowledgment. The World followed suit, when the Vatican made the decision that they were somehow elevated above G-D and decided to censor G-D's message.

For three months I was telling you people that I had declared a war against the evil organization of Freemasonry, but who am I? I am nobody, just G-D's official representative. Apparently, that doesn't go far in a Godless and God-hating society. . If anyone there gives a damn, you may view the records of this history via my Press Room on

Mazel Tov!

Saturday, November 17, 2012

The One and Only ... right?

Alejandro Carbajal Estrada 
IS the Antichrist!

Here's proof:
  1. Write "Alejandro Carbajal Estrada" as separate words.
  2. Transliterate the result into Hebrew: עלינדרו כרביל אסתרדהNumerical values for Hebrew letters are found here.
  3. Alternately add and subtract the numerical values of the letters in each word, then take the absolute value of the result. Add together the numerical values of each word. This gives the following: (Remember that Hebrew is normally written right-to-left)
    ( 70 +30 -10 +50 -4 +200 -6) +( 20 +200 -2 +10 -30) +( 1 +60 -400 +200 -4 +5)
  4. The result is 666!
Don't be deceived! Now you have absolute PROOF that Alejandro Carbajal Estrada is the Antichrist!

Alejandro Carbajal Estrada is the Antichrist.

For the record, my mother is Jewish, my father is Catholic. I wasn't raised Jewish, however I will always be Jewish. When I pray to God, I call him Allah and I tell my Arab and Muslim cousins, that Allah is a Jewish God and we are both part of God's family.     I consider Arabs as part of my people, and as such, I remind my people that the reason why we shouldn't fight, is because it hurts our God to see us in turmoil and because it insults God when we disrespect each other.

Personally, I always feel welcomed at Mudjid and I embrace the Islamic faith unconditionally. I have prayed at Mosque on Fridays and I have even fasted during Ramadan. I have traveled all over the world, and the only place I have experienced racial hatred, has been in my own country for being part of a ethnic group other than my own ethnicity.


Freemason Fraternal Alliance IS the Antichrist!

    Write "Freemason Fraternal Alliance" as separate words.
  1. Transliterate the result into Greek: φρηημασον φρατηρναλ αλληανκεNumerical values for Greek letters are found here.
  2. Alternately subtract and add the numerical values of the letters in each word. Add together the numerical values of each word. This gives the following:
( 500 -100 +8 -8 +40 -1 +200 -70 +50) +( 500 -100 +1 -300 +8 -100 +50 -1 +30) +( 1 -30 +30 -8 +1 -50 +20 -5)
  1. The result is 666!
What does this mean??

It means the end-prophecies are right here in front of the WORLD to SEE.



Freemason Fraternal Alliance 

and YES, imagine that ....   ANTICHRIST

New World Order IS the Antichrist!
Here's proof:
  1. Write "New World Order" as separate words.
  2. Transliterate the result into Latin: NEV VORLD ORDERNumerical values for Latin letters are found here.
  3. Alternately add and subtract the numerical values of the letters in each word. Multiply together the numerical values of each word, then take the absolute value of the result. This gives the following:
    ( 12 +5 -19) *( 19 +13 -16 +10 -4) *( 13 +16 -4 +5 -16)
  4. The result is 616
  5. Did you know that in the earliest manuscripts of the Bible 616 is the number of the beast? It's true!
  6. Plus, wouldn't it make perfect sense for the Enemy to disguise his true face all these years by getting people to believe in the wrong Bible?

Thursday, November 15, 2012

The Fight is Pointless

I am a United States citizen. In 2009 my government murdered a wealthy friend of mine and stole everything I had from me. I have been socially and publicly attacked and humiliated with horrible defamation. The media has castrated and ridiculed me in an effort to discredit me out of their own self-preservation. In August 2012, I wrote a book about my injustice and asked the United Nations to grant me political asylum because of this mistreatment. The United Nations denied my request which gave me no other choice but ask Allah for His divine intervention. Allah has answered my plea unconditionally. I have documented this exchange through numerous press releases and no one can discredit me because Allah's response to my statements has been too specific to deny. On October 16, 2012, I told the United States and the Vatican that if they turned their backs on Allah, the consequence would be severe. I warned that if Allah's innocents were killed in rock quarry, it would signify the beginning to the end for the United States and all who hate Allah. On November 7, 2012, that deadline was met when the entire Vasquez family [except one] perished in a rock quarry during a 7.4 earthquake in Guatemala; most of which were children. As a result of that tragedy, the United States media imposed a censorship on me and on November 14, 2012, I was officially blacklisted by the United States media because I have proven beyond a doubt that Allah is tangible, undeniable and ANGRY. Angry because these demons spit into Allah face and use His name to commit tremendous transgression against him. I have asked Allah to exterminate this excrement and He will, however, I am stuck in a God hating society surrounded by immorality and it is only a matter of time before they destroy me completely. The Global community needs to be aware of these events unfolding because the United States will never let my voice be heard.

However, I have come to realize that human beings will never amount to anything. Human existence benefits nothing. They use God's name to justify inconceivable crimes against humanity. Moreover, human beings will always be selfish, self-centered, and ethnocentric. The human race, is the abomination of desolation. If they want to be God so bad, then let's see how long they last up against God. If the world comes to an end, it will be because human beings caused it to end.   

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Bye Bye Miss American Pie

A Billion Dollar Farce .... if I were anyone else .... I would either be a millionaire, dead, or in prison. I say some really colorful shit and the fact that everyone pretends not to hear it, is as ridiculous as getting caught hiding in someone's closet watching them have sex [you assholes know who I'm talking to] and then closing your eyes and whispering "Please God don't let him see me." I can dismantle the Pope with two sentences and leave his Bishops pissing their pants and yet they still think they're bigger than God.

I don't pick fights, but if anyone wants to dance, they better be ready for one hell of ride because I promise to make it memorable. When called me a heretic for making the statement that God gave me the right to speak on its behalf, God responded by sending me an Archbishop named Vigano for me to play with like it were a vagina and I am fucking the hell out of that name every way but decent. As long as God grants me the cart blanch, it does not matter what anyone thinks.

Ultimately, God is saying, they are a fucking joke and allowing me to use them accordingly. They should have thought about it, before sending me a jester.

Vatican Ministry of Justice: A Followup Letter

Alejandro Estrada  

7 November 2012

Pontificio Consiglio della Giustizia e della Pace
Palazzo San Calisto
00120 Città del Vaticano

OGGETTO Reclami documenti

La Santa Sede del Vaticano, il Santo Pontefice Romano, e ogni servo ai servi dell'unico vero Dio ha bisogno di essere messi a conoscenza del problema critico che minaccia la Chiesa Cattolica Romana, la comunità globale e l'universale della fede in Dio. Dal momento che la condanna della Massoneria, l'Alleanza massone fraterna ha fatto lo sforzo di infiltrarsi nella Chiesa cattolica. Vescovi degli Stati Uniti hanno ignorato del 1981 indirizzo formale del cardinale, Joseph Ratzinger, che ha informato la condanna era ancora in vigore e valido per sempre. Inoltre, i rami secolari di Giustizia e Pace hanno lavorato in orchestra con gli Stati Uniti Dipartimento di Giustizia di censurare i crimini sono stato una vittima del perché la persona responsabile è un membro di questa società malvagia nota come Massoneria.

Negli Stati Uniti, Massoni sono conosciuto sotto nomi diversi. La denominazione più grande e più influente della massoneria è conosciuto da molti americani come la Chiesa dei Santi degli Ultimi Giorni, che è conosciuto anche con il nome di chiesa mormone. La Bibbia mormone è chiamato il Libro di Mormon. Questo mestiere male di Mormon è del tutto segreto e il loro luogo di culto è chiuso a chiunque che non è un membro.

Il problema che sto portando per la vostra consapevolezza, è come questa organizzazione è colpevole di trasgressione il peggio e si impegnano orribile eresia contro la religione cattolica. L'ex candidato presidenziale degli Stati Uniti d'America, Mitt Romney, è un membro di questa setta della Massoneria chiamato Mormon. La sua campagna presidenziale usato la parola di Dio per ingannare gli elettori cattolici a credere che potrebbe essere cattolico. Nonostante la condanna Pontificia della Massoneria, gli Stati Uniti Chiesa cattolica ha approvato la sua campagna. La Chiesa cattolica qui negli Stati Uniti è colpevole di aver violato la legge di nascosto dal Pontificio promozione Massoneria. Così i cattolici a livello nazionale sono stati indotti in errore e male informato dal messaggio deleterio che Mitt Romney è stata la "scelta cattolica per il presidente." Questa trasgressione penale contro la Chiesa Cattolica Romana è una minaccia diretta contro lo Stato del Vaticano, che è stata motivata dalla malizia e deve essere studiato.

Inoltre, gli Stati Uniti il ​​presidente Barack Obama, è anche membro della Massoneria. Sembra come se entrambi i partiti politici sono controllati dalla stessa organizzazione stessa. Questa organizzazione è l'Alleanza Massone fraterna ed è la minoranza dominante che controlla il governo degli Stati Uniti. La Santa Sede del Vaticano ha l'obbligo di tutti i cattolici in tutti gli Stati Uniti per indagare su questi crimini contro la fede cattolica. La realtà è, Vescovi degli Stati Uniti stanno lavorando in silenzio con l'Alleanza massone fraterna nel consorzio di distruggere la religione cattolica. Se il Vaticano non prende sul serio il problema, Massoni distruggerà la fede in Dio del tutto.

Se la Chiesa cattolica romana volge le spalle ai suoi fedeli credenti, sarà una decisione che Dio non ignorerà. Dio è sempre più arrabbiato, più i ritardi del Vaticano questo numero e prego il Romano Pontefice prende la decisione giusta, perché questo potrebbe essere l'ultimo avvertimento Dio mi permette di darvi. 

Nel nome del Padre, del Figlio e dello Spirito Santo, Amen
Alejandro Estrada.


The Holy See of the Vatican, the Holy Roman Pontiff, and every servant to the servants of the One true God needs to be made aware of the critical issue threatening the Roman Catholic Church, the global community and the universal the belief in God.  Since the condemnation of Freemasonry, the Freemason Fraternal Alliance has made the effort to infiltrate the Catholic Church. United States Bishops have ignored the 1981 formal address of then Cardinal, Joseph Ratzinger, which advised the condemnation was still in effect and valid forever. In addition, the secular branches of Justice and Peace have worked in orchestra with the United States Justice Department to censor the crimes I have been a victim of because the person responsible is a member of this evil society known as Freemasonry.

In the United States, Freemasons are known by many various names. The largest and most influential denomination of Freemasonry is widely known by many Americans as the Church of Latter Day Saints which is also known by the name Mormon Church. The Mormon bible is called the Book of Mormon. This evil craft of Mormon is completely secret and their house of worship is closed to anyone that is not a member.

The issue I am bringing to to your awareness, is how this organization is guilty of the worst transgression and they commit horrible heresy against the Catholic religion. Former United States Presidential candidate, Mitt Romney, is a member of this sect of Freemasonry called Mormon. His presidential campaign used the word of God to deceive Catholic voters in believing he might be Catholic. Despite the Pontifical Condemnation of Freemasonry, the United States Catholic Church endorsed his campaign.   The Catholic Church here in the United States is guilty of violating Pontifical Law by covertly promoting Freemasonry.  Thus Catholics nationwide were misled and misinformed by the deleterious message that Mitt Romney   was the "Catholic choice for President."  This criminal transgression against the Roman Catholic Church is a direct threat against the Vatican State which was motivated by malice and it must be investigated.

In addition, United States president Barack Obama, is also a member of Freemasonry. It appears as if both political parties are controlled by the same same organization. That organization is the Freemason Fraternal Alliance and it is the ruling minority that controls the United States government. The Holy See of the Vatican has an obligation to all Catholics throughout the United States to investigate these crimes against the Catholic faith. The reality is, United States Bishops are working silently with the Freemason Fraternal Alliance in the consortium to destroy the Catholic religion. If the Vatican does not take this issue seriously, Freemasons will destroy the belief in God altogether.

If the Roman Catholic Church turns its back on its faithful believers, it will be a decision that God will not ignore. God is growing more angry the more the Vatican delays this issue and I pray the Roman Pontiff makes the right decision because this might be the last warning God allows me to give you.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, Amen

Alejandro Estrada

Friday, November 9, 2012

Complete Desolation

I have to admit, that up until today I kind of have been playing a game with the "earthquakes and hurricanes" business. In February 2010, I remember the night I said those words of infamy. The depth of pain I was going through was immense. I felt totally helpless and all I knew was that I wanted the bullying to stop, forever. Hours later, when Chile was hit with a magnitude 8.8 earthquake I honestly believed it was a coincidence. I have always said jokingly that 3 is my signature number, so it was kind of strange how three tsunamis followed the earthquake, which hit exactly where I said it would hit. Nonetheless, I am too "level headed" to actually believe God existed. When I wrote my book, I integrated the "God" theme as a marketing gimmick because just me bitching about a bunch of worthless drug addict alleged murders is quite frankly, pathetic. My decision to elevate my case to God's jurisdiction was a leap of faith which I made completely blind. They say that timing is everything, and I tend to be more lucky than not, so I figured I was pretty damn lucky on my timing. However, this morning, when I received the news about the Vasquez family in Guatemala, a part of me died. Even now, my soul aches for them and I cannot type about their tragedy without shedding tears for them. But aside from my selfish sensitivity, that event was so profound, even I am finding it difficult to digest. God does not get more tangible that than event, because the event occurred exactly as I said it would less than a month ago. In fact, my words are on record on more than just one or two mediums, but several media sources. Even I am unable to discredit myself this time, and believe me, I find flaws in EVERYTHING; especially my own shit. I privately discredit everything I publish, FIRST, to myself in order to prepare for how I will be attacked. The earthquake in Guatemala is beyond coincidence, which validates my credibility for the things I have said since February 2010. Since Michael Goss was killed, I have wanted to be wrong more than anything. I pushed limits, made crazy allegations thinking there was no way I could be right; as crazy as it sounds, I may not have been completely wrong.

When we pray to our God asking for relief on behalf of those who have died, will die and are suffering, we should acknowledge in our prayers, how unmerciful Mother Nature truly is and in our humble request for the absolution of our brothers' and sisters' souls, we should not ignore how the unrighteous will be counted among the righteous and because our God is omniscient, in his Omnipotence we pray that our God judge us, on each of our days of judgment, accordingly so that the righteous may receive salvation and the unrighteous shall receive a divine consequence most befitting their sins, as their eternal sentence in Hell.

In my most unworthy imperfection, this is my prayer. In the name of my Lord, all mighty God, Allah. Amen.

Hurricane SandyFollowed by Nor'easter: Superstorm Victims Hit with Snow | Video - ABC News

Hurricane SandyFollowed by Nor'easter: Superstorm Victims Hit with Snow | Video - ABC News

Friday, November 2, 2012

Not Coincidence ...

In review, for my critics and supporters alike, these quotes from my book, Pandora, her Box and her Daddy's Curse, and the supporting history, is more than enough evidence to rule out coincidence:

“I have the face of a boy yet my eyes burn with a demon's rage. I walk this earth with the weight of G-D and an army of Angels behind me. I call upon the powers of this Universe and command thee, Mother Earth, shake your ground with an angry force like no human has ever witnessed. Upset your oceans and avenge me for the injustices, which have been done, by a FREEMASON, in HATE against an Archangel.” © 2012 … 157 dated August 8, 2012

“I command the Pacific Ocean to pull back past the Island of Santa Catalina. Hold there for five hours and drive home with a Force great enough, to wipe Southern California, OFF, THE FACE OF THIS EARTH!” © 2012 ….. page 158 dated February 26, 2010

"Mother EARTH; shake your ground as if it were water; until the cliffs of San Pedro crumble into the ocean and the sands in the desert turn into quicksand.” © 2012 … 159 dated on Good Friday 2010.

“Famine, hunger and drought are too good for this cancer called the human race. On this day, the Sears Tower will sway, like a Palm Tree in the wind, and as far away, as Manhattan Island.” ©2012 … 160 dated June 23, 210

Freemason critics are the first to discredit these prophecies, however what no one can discredit is Alejandro’s prediction of Hurricane Sandy:

“The lord, my G-D, will avenge me for the injustices done to me. The all-powerful G-D that rules this universe will bring Rheinswine to his KNEES by damaging his buildings beyond repair, which will send him into bankruptcy! Mother Earth, hear me now, the time is upon us, upset your oceans, anger your skies, empty your mountains and flood your rivers; defy gravity with rain that never touches the ground, and burn fire that nothing can extinguish. Show Rheinswine, his brethren, and all who support them, how insignificant they really are. If this is what they want, then so be it, this is what they shall have! Damn them to Hell, and may they enjoy, every minute of it! With the power of G-D, and by the force of G-D’s gravity, the strength of the Angelic Army and the destructive force of Mother Nature: We Stand United as one collective body, driving forward with the all mighty power of G-D behind us; with Lucifer, standing three feet in front of me, and an army of Angels standing three feet behind me. … THIS IS WAR!” © 2012 ..... pages 163-164

Alejandro later reiterated the same prediction in his Commentary:

“Mother Earth, I call again, and command thee, sweet Mother Earth, avenge me for the injustice committed by these Freemason in HATE against an ARCHANGEL! Display for the Bay, the all mighty power of G-D. Bring Rheinswine and his brethren to their knees and by your Hand, bend snap and twist those Golden Gates till they fall into Your Sea” © 2012 … 173 dated September 24, 2012