Friday, November 2, 2012

Not Coincidence ...

In review, for my critics and supporters alike, these quotes from my book, Pandora, her Box and her Daddy's Curse, and the supporting history, is more than enough evidence to rule out coincidence:

“I have the face of a boy yet my eyes burn with a demon's rage. I walk this earth with the weight of G-D and an army of Angels behind me. I call upon the powers of this Universe and command thee, Mother Earth, shake your ground with an angry force like no human has ever witnessed. Upset your oceans and avenge me for the injustices, which have been done, by a FREEMASON, in HATE against an Archangel.” © 2012 … 157 dated August 8, 2012

“I command the Pacific Ocean to pull back past the Island of Santa Catalina. Hold there for five hours and drive home with a Force great enough, to wipe Southern California, OFF, THE FACE OF THIS EARTH!” © 2012 ….. page 158 dated February 26, 2010

"Mother EARTH; shake your ground as if it were water; until the cliffs of San Pedro crumble into the ocean and the sands in the desert turn into quicksand.” © 2012 … 159 dated on Good Friday 2010.

“Famine, hunger and drought are too good for this cancer called the human race. On this day, the Sears Tower will sway, like a Palm Tree in the wind, and as far away, as Manhattan Island.” ©2012 … 160 dated June 23, 210

Freemason critics are the first to discredit these prophecies, however what no one can discredit is Alejandro’s prediction of Hurricane Sandy:

“The lord, my G-D, will avenge me for the injustices done to me. The all-powerful G-D that rules this universe will bring Rheinswine to his KNEES by damaging his buildings beyond repair, which will send him into bankruptcy! Mother Earth, hear me now, the time is upon us, upset your oceans, anger your skies, empty your mountains and flood your rivers; defy gravity with rain that never touches the ground, and burn fire that nothing can extinguish. Show Rheinswine, his brethren, and all who support them, how insignificant they really are. If this is what they want, then so be it, this is what they shall have! Damn them to Hell, and may they enjoy, every minute of it! With the power of G-D, and by the force of G-D’s gravity, the strength of the Angelic Army and the destructive force of Mother Nature: We Stand United as one collective body, driving forward with the all mighty power of G-D behind us; with Lucifer, standing three feet in front of me, and an army of Angels standing three feet behind me. … THIS IS WAR!” © 2012 ..... pages 163-164

Alejandro later reiterated the same prediction in his Commentary:

“Mother Earth, I call again, and command thee, sweet Mother Earth, avenge me for the injustice committed by these Freemason in HATE against an ARCHANGEL! Display for the Bay, the all mighty power of G-D. Bring Rheinswine and his brethren to their knees and by your Hand, bend snap and twist those Golden Gates till they fall into Your Sea” © 2012 … 173 dated September 24, 2012

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