Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Cross Examination of Masonic Arithmetic

If you purchase real estate in the amount of $118 million, the annual property taxes would be obscene.   So in order to reduce your tax liability, you pull some strings and someone at the Assessor's office agrees to reassess the value for $6 million.

By doing so, the value of the property just depreciated $112 million dollars. 

Now, lets also consider you are as greedy as Bill Rheinschild and the thought of paying insurance the building  is making your hemorrhoids bleed, so to get around the insurance you bond it for $10 million .

[I'm being VERY GENEROUS because in reality the bond is only $500,000.00 at best].

OK, so incase I lost anyone let me review before I continue:    Your real estate portfolio is now currently $112 million dollars in the hole, but your tax liability is only $50,000.00 instead of $5 million.  So you're as happy as a pig in shit, and squeeling too mothertfucker!

[I'm just throwing numbers out of my ass, so don't criticize me if I'm a touch off on my accounting.]

Okay now focus on what I'm about to say because it is extremely important:

In the event the building gets condemned, for I don't know, let's say FLOODING that causes the entire electrical wiring to snap crackle and pop, now you're fucked because if you've insured the building based on an assessed value of $6 million, the insurance claim won't even be enough to cover the cost to rewiring the entire building.    If your bond is $500,000.00, and you haven't used the funds, you might be able to keep your tenants civil, however, if the bond was $10 million, you just might be able to avoid the lawsuits.

But we both know, $10 million was never a consideration    


HAHAHAHAHA   I'm not done because now let's further consider you have 50 similar buildings throughout the city.

You have now completely lost ALL of your tangible assets which make up 60-80% of your entire Estate portfolio.

I am truly grateful for the help my God has given me by avenging the criminals who have raped me and arrogantly humiliated me in the worst way anyone could ever humiliate someone publically.

This is only JUST the BEGINNING!!

It gets better too, just wait ...

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