Monday, October 29, 2012

Dismantling Chaos


According to the recent postal records of the late Michael Goss’s permanent address, the name Kathryn Laterza comes up which is distinctly odd in every way because the only female name on the postal records should have been Michael Goss’s half-sister, Linda Stewart. Further, Michael Goss’s media company, Goss Productions, produced male fetish pornography. Kathryn Laterza works for the Seattle based company, I was under the impression Cathy Kutzner owned so Idecided to investigate further.

I decided to check the postal records for each of Michael’s properties and the name John King came up under his property in Los Feliz. John and Karen King also use an address in Newport Beach California. I suspect the property in Newport Beach is a multi-unit condominium complex because the property shows multiple owners. As a matter of fact,one of the property owners happens to be Damien Kutzner.

That discovery prompted me to conduct an in depth information search for Robert Kutzner and after reviewing the data, I may have uncovered a connection between Robert Kutzner M.D. and someone by the name R. William Rheinschild. My newest discovery has revealed:

  • PTP Management manages the property at 550 West 7th Avenue in Anchorage Alaska for Alaska Housing Financial Corporation.
  • According to the State Assessor, the 2012 Assessed Value of the property was $59,260,600.00, of which $58,537,619.00 is claimed as an exemption leaving a taxable dollar amount of only 722,981.00
  • The owner of 15660 Tustin Village #A in Tustin California, belongs to Elizabeth Shen Mary and Family LLC at 943 Kingsley Drive in Arcadia California. In 2005 the Seller, and Lender, was Skyline 32 Tustin located at 558 Sacramento Street in San Francisco, CA and the Grantor was Washington Mutual Bank in Scottsdale, Arizona. Interestingly enough, the property at 640 Sacramento Street in San Francisco CA is owned by Rreef America Rait Ii Corporation located at at Rreef Department #207 East Proper P.O. Box 4900 #207 in Scottsdale Arizona.
  • In 2005, 640 Sacramento Street sold for $118,500,000.00, yet the 2012 Assessed Market Value was only $6,848,944.00. Apparently, RWR Associates LLC purchased the property in 1914 and there might have been a technical error in updating the reassessed value for 2012. RWR Associates LLC may have built that building and they also happen to be the owner of 558 Sacramento Street just a few blocks over. They also own 560 Sacramento Street and it appears that RWR and Rreef might be the same individual or entity.
  • RWR Homes Incorporated is based in Van Nuys at 16461 Sherman Way #350. The President is R. William Rheinschild. They have an office in Costa Mesa at 575 Anton Blvd and I believe William Rheinschild lives somewhere near Newport Beach California.
  • RWR Associates DBA is located at 3124 South Main Street, in Elkhart Indiana; Robert Kutzner uses the address, 309 Shandell Drive, in Bedford Indiana.
  • Vincent Wynn is a Partner at
  • John King used the email address from I.P. Address while at 655 Fifst Avenue in Arcadia California; however “Fifst” was a typo and when searching for 655 First Avenue in Arcadia, the property at 655 First Place in Hermosa Beach comes up, which is owned by Rod and Betty Abbot located at 2431 Peninsula Road in Oxnard, California.
  • The number “655” is a reoccurring theme because 655 Baker Street in Costa Mesa, California comes up on D. Kutzner’s background check. In addition, 1962 Anaheim Avenue, in Costa Mesa comes up on Damian Kutzner’s background check and 1955 Anaheim Avenue, in Costa Mesa comes up on Damon Carriger’s background check.
  • In 2006 I believe I met Cathy Kutzner’s parents at 2901 San Juan Drive in Fullerton, California. They have since moved and have relocated to 1079 Glenway Drive, in El Cajon California. The North Family Trust owns that property and the reassessed value for 2012 is approximately $300,000.00 less than the purchase price
I have a very strong instinct and my most recent discovery suggests a very close connection between Rheinschild and Kutzner. According to my analysis, Robert Kutzner may be an alias used by R. William Rheinschild to commit crime. Whatever the case might be I believe he could be the source of the attacks made against me in malice, which I believe were intended to drive me to commit suicide.

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