Tuesday, October 16, 2012

A Fight for Self-Preservation

The term "Antichrist" is the example of the Freemasonic pollution which has been spread throughout the world by THE BEAST in its conceited effort for self-preservation because it knows that the only THREAT against the FREEMASON FRATERNAL ALLIANCE will be the ANTICHRIST.

True believers that have seen prophetic visions inspired by True divinity call him "The Great Catholic Monarch."    

My name is Alejandro Carbajal Estrada.   My mother is Jewish and my father is Christian, thus I was born Jewish, was not raised Jewish, yet I will always be Jewish.   According to numerology, my name equals the number six.    I do not believe in labels such as "homosexuality" or "heterosexuality" BECAUSE these are terms  which have been invented by THE BEAST to keep humankind distracted and confused in chaos.

I do not have a sexual desire for women, however, no one has the right to question my sexuality or emasculate me by claiming I am "homosexual" because trust me, I am very unmistakably true to my gender.

Men should not allow their nature to drive them towards perversion and the effect from succuming to the demands which nature imposes on us, by sexually desiring the acquisition of female virtue, exploits and perverts what should always be revered as holy and sacred.   The crime of perverting a woman's virtue is a crime that is equal to perverting the innocence of a child and any woman with self-respect understands how sacred her virtue truly is because NO SON should ever look at his mother, and see a whore looking back at him asking, in vain, for his forgiveness.

The deceptive fight for gender equality contributes to the Masonic influenced breakdown of society because one gender will never be equal to the other gender and in order to achieve completeness, BOTH GENDERS, must come together and only when working together in unity is gender equality achieved because  one gender's weakness is the other gender's strength  and if one gender is fighting against nature to be equal to the strengths of the other gender, the inequity of mother nature is working against us.

Before I continue, please understand, this is NOT a discussion and keep in mind, only a false god would make an impotent attempt at impetuous persuasion  and my purpose is not for self-glorification but instead, I am here to give the answer given by G-D which you have the choice to accept or reject, and pray, you make the right choice.    I will never ask for  approval or selfishly hope for agreement because as long  as   G-D is behind me, that is the only support I need and be it known, I would not be here, on this day, as it has been prophesied,  if it was not for G-D endorsing my plight.     G-D is the only reason I am alive and fighting for our existence against the BEAST which is trying to consume the Human Race all the while, hiding covertly, as wolves in sheeps clothing, leading the flock down a rocky ridge of which, none will be able to climb up from.

The need for urgency is because one, two maybe three more steps, and the human race will be balancing itself on the edge of a flooded quarry and then, it will not be  matter of if, but only when, the tender hooves of G-D's lamb lose its footing on the slippery slanted rocks of the Quarry; at which point nothing will save us from THE BEAST called FREEMASONRY.

A BEAST which is so close to success, it is already salivating for the taste of sweet human flesh and I will be DAMNED if that BEAST doesn't choke on me because I will not give up fighting--fighting for not just my self-preservation but for the preservation of the entire human race.

THE BEAST has already started to panic and it will say anything to keep control of its host except it will never be able to FACE ME because THE BEAST knows me well enough fear me and on this entire planet, the only thing that will stop THE BEAST is THE ANTICHRIST.

However, I cannot do it alone and I need the Roman Pontiff next to me in order to exterminate this vile vomitus excrement called FREEMASONRY.  

In 1738 Pope Clement XII wrote the Pontifical Constitution entitled "In Eminenti" which Pope Leo XII readdressed in the Pontifical Constitution entitled "Humanum Genus." and thus, the Roman Catholic Church has all ready made its DECISION on the condemnation of Freemasonry.

However, the Roman Catholic Church was TOO LENIENT and by not physically eradicating this presence, they have done the Human Race the injustice and the TIME IS NOW UPON US to take this BEAST by its HORNS and cast it into the LAKE OF FIRE FOREVER!

THE VATICAN does not have a choice and by ignoring me, they have confirmed the authenticity of who I am and I am telling Joseph Ratzinger, that as the current Roman Pontiff, he has the DUTY to ENFORCE the Laws of G-D and he MUST enforce the PONTIFICAL CONSTITUTION of Pope Clement XII and if he does not act NOW on this DAY October 16, 2012 he will make the CHOICE to turn his BACK on G-D and then, G-D save us ALL from the fate that lies before us.

According to the words of Pope Clement XII

Moreover, We desire and command that both Bishops and prelates, and other local ordinaries, as well as inquisitors for heresy, shall investigate and proceed against transgressors of whatever state, grade, condition, order dignity or pre-eminence they may be; and they are to pursue and punish them with condign penalties as being most suspect of heresy. To each and all of these We give and grant the free faculty of calling upon the aid of the secular arm, should the need arise, for investigating and proceeding against those same transgressors and for pursuing and punishing them with condign penalties. Given at Rome, at Saint Mary Mayor, in the year 1738 of Our Lord.

In closing, I give you the Mark of the BEAST

Which is the imprint left behind by the BEAST as the INJUSTICE everyone sees when looking at my face, because the STAMP across my foreheads reads "The Predator and The Prey"

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