Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Cross Examination of Masonic Arithmetic

If you purchase real estate in the amount of $118 million, the annual property taxes would be obscene.   So in order to reduce your tax liability, you pull some strings and someone at the Assessor's office agrees to reassess the value for $6 million.

By doing so, the value of the property just depreciated $112 million dollars. 

Now, lets also consider you are as greedy as Bill Rheinschild and the thought of paying insurance the building  is making your hemorrhoids bleed, so to get around the insurance you bond it for $10 million .

[I'm being VERY GENEROUS because in reality the bond is only $500,000.00 at best].

OK, so incase I lost anyone let me review before I continue:    Your real estate portfolio is now currently $112 million dollars in the hole, but your tax liability is only $50,000.00 instead of $5 million.  So you're as happy as a pig in shit, and squeeling too mothertfucker!

[I'm just throwing numbers out of my ass, so don't criticize me if I'm a touch off on my accounting.]

Okay now focus on what I'm about to say because it is extremely important:

In the event the building gets condemned, for I don't know, let's say FLOODING that causes the entire electrical wiring to snap crackle and pop, now you're fucked because if you've insured the building based on an assessed value of $6 million, the insurance claim won't even be enough to cover the cost to rewiring the entire building.    If your bond is $500,000.00, and you haven't used the funds, you might be able to keep your tenants civil, however, if the bond was $10 million, you just might be able to avoid the lawsuits.

But we both know, $10 million was never a consideration    


HAHAHAHAHA   I'm not done because now let's further consider you have 50 similar buildings throughout the city.

You have now completely lost ALL of your tangible assets which make up 60-80% of your entire Estate portfolio.

I am truly grateful for the help my God has given me by avenging the criminals who have raped me and arrogantly humiliated me in the worst way anyone could ever humiliate someone publically.

This is only JUST the BEGINNING!!

It gets better too, just wait ...

Monday, October 29, 2012

Dismantling Chaos


According to the recent postal records of the late Michael Goss’s permanent address, the name Kathryn Laterza comes up which is distinctly odd in every way because the only female name on the postal records should have been Michael Goss’s half-sister, Linda Stewart. Further, Michael Goss’s media company, Goss Productions, produced male fetish pornography. Kathryn Laterza works for the Seattle based company, I was under the impression Cathy Kutzner owned so Idecided to investigate further.

I decided to check the postal records for each of Michael’s properties and the name John King came up under his property in Los Feliz. John and Karen King also use an address in Newport Beach California. I suspect the property in Newport Beach is a multi-unit condominium complex because the property shows multiple owners. As a matter of fact,one of the property owners happens to be Damien Kutzner.

That discovery prompted me to conduct an in depth information search for Robert Kutzner and after reviewing the data, I may have uncovered a connection between Robert Kutzner M.D. and someone by the name R. William Rheinschild. My newest discovery has revealed:

  • PTP Management manages the property at 550 West 7th Avenue in Anchorage Alaska for Alaska Housing Financial Corporation.
  • According to the State Assessor, the 2012 Assessed Value of the property was $59,260,600.00, of which $58,537,619.00 is claimed as an exemption leaving a taxable dollar amount of only 722,981.00
  • The owner of 15660 Tustin Village #A in Tustin California, belongs to Elizabeth Shen Mary and Family LLC at 943 Kingsley Drive in Arcadia California. In 2005 the Seller, and Lender, was Skyline 32 Tustin located at 558 Sacramento Street in San Francisco, CA and the Grantor was Washington Mutual Bank in Scottsdale, Arizona. Interestingly enough, the property at 640 Sacramento Street in San Francisco CA is owned by Rreef America Rait Ii Corporation located at at Rreef Department #207 East Proper P.O. Box 4900 #207 in Scottsdale Arizona.
  • In 2005, 640 Sacramento Street sold for $118,500,000.00, yet the 2012 Assessed Market Value was only $6,848,944.00. Apparently, RWR Associates LLC purchased the property in 1914 and there might have been a technical error in updating the reassessed value for 2012. RWR Associates LLC may have built that building and they also happen to be the owner of 558 Sacramento Street just a few blocks over. They also own 560 Sacramento Street and it appears that RWR and Rreef might be the same individual or entity.
  • RWR Homes Incorporated is based in Van Nuys at 16461 Sherman Way #350. The President is R. William Rheinschild. They have an office in Costa Mesa at 575 Anton Blvd and I believe William Rheinschild lives somewhere near Newport Beach California.
  • RWR Associates DBA is located at 3124 South Main Street, in Elkhart Indiana; Robert Kutzner uses the address, 309 Shandell Drive, in Bedford Indiana.
  • Vincent Wynn is a Partner at
  • John King used the email address from I.P. Address while at 655 Fifst Avenue in Arcadia California; however “Fifst” was a typo and when searching for 655 First Avenue in Arcadia, the property at 655 First Place in Hermosa Beach comes up, which is owned by Rod and Betty Abbot located at 2431 Peninsula Road in Oxnard, California.
  • The number “655” is a reoccurring theme because 655 Baker Street in Costa Mesa, California comes up on D. Kutzner’s background check. In addition, 1962 Anaheim Avenue, in Costa Mesa comes up on Damian Kutzner’s background check and 1955 Anaheim Avenue, in Costa Mesa comes up on Damon Carriger’s background check.
  • In 2006 I believe I met Cathy Kutzner’s parents at 2901 San Juan Drive in Fullerton, California. They have since moved and have relocated to 1079 Glenway Drive, in El Cajon California. The North Family Trust owns that property and the reassessed value for 2012 is approximately $300,000.00 less than the purchase price
I have a very strong instinct and my most recent discovery suggests a very close connection between Rheinschild and Kutzner. According to my analysis, Robert Kutzner may be an alias used by R. William Rheinschild to commit crime. Whatever the case might be I believe he could be the source of the attacks made against me in malice, which I believe were intended to drive me to commit suicide.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

A letter to Al-Jazeera

Please know that my connection is not secure. If my information is able to reach you, I may be restricted from future contact so it is extremely important that you receive this data with urgency.

Before I continue, May Allah bring his blessings to you during this most holy time and I pray that Allah's message finds those who are meant to deliver His plan Kindly be aware, Arabic is not my native language and allow me to apologize for any errors in my translation. My intentions are most genuine.

يرجى العلم أن اتصالي غير آمن. إذا معلوماتي قادر على الوصول إليك، قد يتم تقييد I من الاتصال في المستقبل لذلك من المهم للغاية أن تتلقى هذه البيانات على وجه السرعة. وقبل أن أواصل، نسأل الله أن تجلب بركاته إليكم في هذا الوقت القداسة وأدعو الله أن رسالة الله يجد أولئك الذين من المفترض لتسليم خطته تكون يرجى علم، العربية ليست لغتي الأم واسمحوا لي أن أعتذر عن أي أخطاء في ترجمتي. نواياي الأكثر أصالة.

All of my information is public yet there is a great effort being done to censor me. The Russian Federation addressed many of the issues I have exposed to the global community during a press conference held on Monday October 22 in Moscow.

The global community, especially the Muslim world, needs to understand that the enemy is not a people. The enemy is not a nation. The enemy is not a religion. The enemy is the Freemason Fraternal Alliance which is a very tangible evil that exists by many names under many disguises, but which is the same evil.

جميع معلوماتي هي عامه بعد هناك جهد كبير تقوم به لفرض رقابة على البيانات. تناول الاتحاد الروسي العديد من القضايا I كشفت للمجتمع العالمي خلال مؤتمر صحفي عقد في تشرين الأول الاثنين 22 في موسكو. المجتمع العالمي، وخصوصا في العالم مسلم، بحاجة إلى فهم أن العدو ليس الناس. العدو ليس دولة. العدو ليس دين. العدو هو التحالف الماسوني المتآخية التي هي شر ملموسة جدا موجود من قبل العديد من الأسماء تحت أقنعة كثيرة، ولكن الذي هو الشر نفسه.

The only way to achieve a successful, peaceful and effective Jihad is through the Roman Catholic Church. However, time is quickly working against us because United States legislation is working diligently to change policies that will limit the authority of the Vatican in the event the Roman Pontiff issues an Inquisition to investigate the transgressors within the United States government which are an enemy to the Catholic Church. These transgressors are all members of the Freemason Fraternal Alliance. They are enemies to the entire human race and they plot to destroy all religion. They must be stopped before it is too late. The Muslim world must shift their focus and demand support from the Russian Federation in order to gain endorsement from the United Nations and insist that the Holy See of the Vatican issue an Inquisition to investigate the Freemason corruption within the United States government because not only are they guilty of international Human Rights Violations, they are also a vile threat against our very existence.

السبيل الوحيد لتحقيق النجاح الجهاد وسلمية وفعالة من خلال الكنيسة الكاثوليكية الرومانية. ومع ذلك، الوقت يعمل ضدنا بسبب بسرعة تشريعات الولايات المتحدة تعمل بجد لتغيير السياسات التي من شأنها أن تحد من سلطة الفاتيكان في حال الحبر الروماني يصدر محاكم التفتيش للتحقيق في المخالفين داخل حكومة الولايات المتحدة التي هي عدو لل الكنيسة الكاثوليكية. هذه هي المخالفين جميع أعضاء التحالف الماسوني الشقيق. لأنهم أعداء الجنس البشري بأسره، وأنها مؤامرة لتدمير الدين كله. يجب أن توقفوا قبل فوات الأوان. يجب على العالم مسلم تحول تركيزها ودعم الطلب من الاتحاد الروسي من أجل كسب تأييد من الأمم المتحدة ويصرون على أن الكرسي الرسولي الفاتيكان من القضية لمحاكم التفتيش للتحقيق في الفساد الماسوني داخل حكومة الولايات المتحدة لأن ليس فقط لأنها مذنب الدولية انتهاكات حقوق الإنسان، بل هي أيضا تهديد حقير ضد وجودنا ذاته.

Please be informed, the Freemason Fraternal Alliance has infiltrated the Roman Catholic Church however the Roman Pontiff, Pope Benedict XVI, is not a member of the Freemason Fraternal alliance. These demons are preventing my humble voice from reaching the ears of the Roman Pontiff. Pope Benedict does not support Freemasonry which is why there is such a fierce effect against me. The Catholic Church condemned Freemasonry in 1738. In 1981 then Cardinal, Joseph Ratzinger, issued a formal address that was sent to all Bishops in the United States warning that the condemnation was still in effect and valid forever. We must insist that the Roman Pontiff address this corruption. You may find all my documents and most of my evidence on the world wide web

يرجى العلم، وقد تسللت التحالف الماسوني المتآخية الكنيسة الكاثوليكية الرومانية إلا أن الحبر الروماني، البابا بنديكتوس السادس عشر، هو ليس عضوا في التحالف الماسوني الشقيق. هذه الشياطين تمنع صوتي المتواضع من الوصول إلى آذان الحبر الروماني. البابا بنديكت السادس عشر لا يدعم الماسونية التي هي السبب في وجود مثل هذا التأثير شرسة ضدي. أدانت الكنيسة الكاثوليكية الماسونية في 1738. ثم صدر في عام 1981 الكاردينال جوزيف راتزينغر، عنوان الرسمية التي تم إرسالها إلى جميع الأساقفة في التحذير الولايات المتحدة أن إدانة ما زالت سارية وصالحة إلى الأبد. يجب علينا أن نصر على أن الحبر الروماني معالجة هذا الفساد. قد تجد كل ما عندي من الوثائق والأدلة معظم بلدي على شبكة الإنترنت في جميع أنحاء العالم

I maintain complete transparency and you will find my information by searching either my name ALEX ESTRADA or my email address. My book is entitled ALEJANDRO, LADY GAGA AND A BILLION DOLLAR FARCE which would be a very helpful resource which I would gladly provide to you free of charge however I trust that you understand how I am politically restricted from doing so.

I الحفاظ على الشفافية الكاملة، وسوف تجد معلوماتي من خلال البحث إما اسمي ALEX استرادا أو عنوان البريد الإلكتروني الخاص بي. يحق كتابي ALEJANDRO، GAGA LADY AND A بالعبث مليار دولار والتي ستكون مفيدة جدا مورد الذي من شأنه أن يوفر لي بكل سرور لك مجانا ولكن أنا على ثقة من أن تفهم كيف أنا مقيدة سياسيا I من القيام بذلك.

Insha'Allah may Allah's love and protection be with us during the tribulation ahead.

الحب ورحمة الله والحماية تكون معنا خلال المحنه التي تنتظرنا.

Saturday, October 27, 2012


You people should be grateful that my crusade for World Peace, is motivated by my selfish need for Justice!

Alex EstradaIslam Daily  6 hours ago near Lakewood ·

قد تجلب لنا الله العدل!
May Allah bring us JUSTICE

  Dale Mowday Justice for what?

 Alex Estrada Wow! Really?

 Nava Katel Allah must bring him justice for being a faggot and his mother being a whore.

 Alex Estrada Nava, so sad how God didn't give you sex organs like the rest of us MEN .... no wonder you're so angry

 Alex Estrada I have had sex with many people, both male and female, and from my experience, the best sex has been with married men who have called me "faggot" while submitting to my dominance

 Alex Estrada The next best sex has been with women who have told me they wanted to "kill me" and taking them just before their moment of orgasm, then finishing on purpose to teach them a lesson. When someone has the ability to give you pain, frustration or pleasure and gratification ..... only the stupid ones choose pain and frustration

 YuÑhieé S W Masha allah... Alex Its ill words ever seen.. But it perfect words for nava.. :D :D

 Alex Estrada Thank you for your acknowledgement :) Although, I apologize for the ill words on such a holy day, but as you can tell, I had no other choice :(

 YuÑhieé S W nava deserved it.. For her to realize.. Not only her who has a tongue.. ^_^

 Nava Katel Shut your fucking mouths you fucking scum buckets!!!! Keep sucking on those camel cocks.

 Nava Katel Having sex with little boys and little girls is something that you shouldn't brag about Alex the pedophile.

 Alex Estrada Wow.... and during the holy month Nava. May Allah's hand be heavy upon you for your disrespect

 Alex Estrada Nava, your mind has been corrupted by evil. I pray that Allah washes the evil from your mind with condign and severe penalties because your corrupt thoughts are perverting your perception. You have allowed the devil's evil temptation to pollute your point of view with your own sexual deviations because I never mentioned children I said "MARRIED MEN"

 Alex Estrada Another explanation is that I have made Nava feel like a "schoolgirl" and he is trying to incite me to enforce my dominance over him. It's OK Nava, I have turned many grown men into blushing school girls, but this is no time for fun and games

 Nava Katel Have a nice day FAGGOT!!!!

 Alex Estrada Bingo! :)

 Alex Estrada "Hate" is a deceptive force influenced by evil because it is a "fire" that is filled with oil which is begging to be splashed or confronted with more "fire"; hate in it's rawest form is the most dangerous because it is created by fear mixed with desire and insecurity and the only way to handle it is with Allah's divine power and by acknowledging the hidden fear because only evil causes fear and Allah will always be the light that vanquishes its darkness


 Nava Katel Have a nice day FAGGOT!!!!   

         +       Alex Estrada I have had sex with many people, both male and female, and from my experience, the best sex has been with married men who have called me "faggot" while submitting to my dominance

                            =    Allah wins

Friday, October 26, 2012

The Abomination of Masonic Righteousness

Source: via Alex on Pinterest
Source: via Alex on Pinterest
Source: via Alex on Pinterest
Source: via Alex on Pinterest
Source: via Alex on Pinterest
Source: via Alex on Pinterest
Source: via Alex on Pinterest

This is the TRUE view of the  private "American" response that the international community never saw.....     
Source: via Alex on Pinterest
while innocent victims were clutching dead infants and crying to God begging to know the reason why they woke up in HELL .... the stench from the feces of Freemason excrement was all over the face of "American Leadership  mocking the human suffering THEY CAUSED with the catchphrase 


and arrogantly laughing as if they themselves, were god and yet they call ME crazy ...

THIS WILL NEVER BE FORGIVEN  and only God has the Authority to sentence these DEMONS which God will do the minute their souls are delivered to Him!!



MASONIC WIKIPEDOPHILES UNITED HAVE CENSORED THE TRUTH as proof Pandora, her Box and her Daddy's Curse is 100% valid as fact beyond a reasonable doubt,



M7.6 - 12km ENE of Hojancha, Costa Rica2012-09-05 14:42:07 UTC


Google Earth KML


Location and Magnitude contributed by: USGS National Earthquake Information Center
200 km

200 mi

Powered by Leaflet

Costa Rica

10.099°N, 85.308°W

Depth: 35.0km (21.7mi)

Event Time
2012-09-05 14:42:07 UTC
2012-09-05 08:42:07 UTC-06:00 at epicenter
2012-09-05 07:42:07 UTC-07:00 system time

Nearby Cities
12km (7mi) ENE of Hojancha, Costa Rica
16km (10mi) ESE of Nicoya, Costa Rica
35km (22mi) ESE of Santa Cruz, Costa Rica
43km (27mi) SSW of Canas, Costa Rica
135km (84mi) W of San Jose, Costa Rica

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M5.3 - 6km SE of Mormanno, Italy
2012-10-25 23:05:26 UTC

Google Earth KML

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Formal Letter to the Vatican Ministry of Justice

Alejandro Estrada
##### Street, ####### CA #####

24 October 2012

Pontificio Consiglio della Giustizia e della Pace
Palazzo San Calisto
00120 Città del Vaticano

OGGETTO Reclami documenti

Si prega di sapere, questo messaggio è della massima urgenza. Chiedo gentilmente che mi permette di passare alla mia lingua madre così che io possa comunicare il mio messaggio in modo più efficace.
It has come to my awareness that on September 15, 2000, Reverend Thomas Anslow, Judicial Vicar of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Los Angeles, wrote a letter to David Patterson, Executive Secretary of the Masonic Service Bureau of Los Angeles.
Fr. Anslow addressed  "whether a practicing Catholic may join a Masonic Lodge" and in his ignorance,  Fr. Anslow said that "at least for Catholics in the United States, I believe the answer is probably yes".  This is the example of the pollution within the Archdiocese of Los Angeles because every level within the Roman Catholic Church should, without hesitation, know the correct answer to that question.   In fact, it should be such common knowledge, the answer should be an automatic reflex that is as natural as blinking is to when a  foreign disturbance causes one’s eyelash to become agitated.  Fr. Anslow retracted his statement two years later on February 12, 2002.    In order to cover up his deleterious  infliction he stated that Freemasonry fosters a "supra confessional humanitarian" conception of the divine "that neutralizes or replaces the faith dimension of our relationship with God" which is what the Foreign Ministry of the Russian Federation called an "information vacuum."

Not only is Fr. Anslow's reference disgusting, vile and repugnant it is also in direct violation of Pontifical Law and the explanation for why the Archdiocese is synonymous with the District Attorney that not only molests virtue and perverts the word of God, but it is proof that Church and State are no longer separate in the United States of America.

I would even go as far as to allege Fr. Anslow of being a member of the Freemason Fraternal Alliance and an enemy to the Church and Vatican State.

Freemasonry is a vomitus excrement of the worst possible human condition that has ever been defecated by mankind.    The effect of this demoralizing righteousness is a reverse philosophy that completely dismantles the teachings of Aquinas and Socrates and according to the Russian Federation, Freemasonry even has a taste for human flesh and it has been suggested that Freemasons have treated the children of Russia as if they were a delicacy similar to veal and I have witnessed these atrocities to know they exists;     the effect from which has permanently affected my very soul and I refuse to go into further detail on the subject.

What I will say, is that I live under Masonic oppression in a nation without morality and I am surrounded by devils hunting innocence and I pray to God for a better world to live in and because God has answered my prayer, Mother Russia might just come to my rescue and save the entire human race from the beast trying to consume it because  the appetite of Freemasonry grows more ravenous the more it consumes and it must be stopped forever.

Freemasonry within the Roman Catholic Church is a wolf in sheep's clothing and a Beast motivated by the Freemason agenda to destroy the Catholic religion  and it is an enemy to the entire Global State which explains the reason why the United States Catholic Church has joined forces with the United States Justice Department in the consortium to censor me which has prevented my voice from reaching the ears of the Roman Pontiff, which is a crime against God that will not be ignored.

In August 2012 I asked God to avenge me for the injustices I have suffered unjustly by the evil greed of human kind. God is behind me and is supporting me because I have never turned my back on God. Every Freemason, whether disguised with secular or government authority is guilty for these crimes against  humanity and the Freemason silence will always count against each Freemason bound to secrecy.   I pray that God's punishment is severe and without mercy and I thank God for sending the Angels who have whispered my cry for help into the ears of Mother Russia.

Despite the conceited effort of the Los Angeles Archdiocese to censor me, my message was still heard because on October 22, 2012 the Foreign Ministry of the Russian Federation addressed the abomination of the United States double standard Justice system.   The international community must be aware of the social conditions and human rights violations being committed by the United States government.  I will never die a martyr and the world should know the reason behind the events that lie directly in front of us.    World suffering exists because Freemasons inflict suffering onto the world and the Tribulation we face is because Freemasons have given us no other choice.

According to Catholic Culture, on February 19, 2007 an Italian Paulist priest became a member of the Freemason Fraternal Alliance  by joining the group in a ceremony attended by about forty people at the Masonic headquarters at Piazza del Gesu in Rome.  Father Rosario Francesco Esposito dismissed the Church ban on membership in the Masonic lodge, saying that it is “a thing of the past” and thus, he has taken a direct opposition against Pontifical Law and the proof that he is guilty of the worst kind of heresy that can ever be committed.  The move by the 85-year-old Father Esposito is particularly interesting because he, along with Father Giovanni Caprile, SJ, was once commissioned by the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith to study the Church’s teaching on masonry. In 1983 the prefect of the Congregation, then-Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, made a public announcement that the teaching of the Church had not changed, and the ban on Masonic membership remained in place.

Which explains why every secular office and judicial authority I have contacted since February 2009 has  refused to acknowledge the crimes I have been victim of and the reason why none of these jurisdictions wish to grant me the recourse that is owed to me is because the Freemason Fraternal Alliance has corrupted the entire world;   which is what makes Freemasonry, the New World Order.

I pray that God leads the Holy Roman Pontiff along the path of righteousness to find me and my humble voice begging for JUSTICE and I pray to God, that  the condign penalties against the transgressors within the Vatican State are of the severest nature within our mortal ability to sentence and upon delivering those souls to God, our Father, may He carry through an eternity of punishment for this vile insolence against Him.

Nella mia più umile di chiamarsi Ernesto,

Alejandro Carbajal Estrada

Crux sancta sit mihi lux / Non draco sit mihi dux
Vade retro satana / Nunquam suade mihi vana
Sunt mala quae libas / Ipse venena bibas

In nomine patris et filii et spiritus sancti amen

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

G-D gave The Roman Pontiff a deadline which was completely ignored.

At 3:51 PM PT on October 16, 2012 I sent the Los Angeles Archdiocese this letter:

I truly hope your offices realize that by ignoring GOD, the Roman Catholic Church is fulfilling the Abomination of Desolation Antichrist prophecy.   I am not a religious person nor am I versed in theology, and I have avoided the Catholic Church since making the decision not to make my Confirmation; so why am I here now?    As an ordinary layman, sinner and hedonist, why am I repeating the same words written by Popes hundreds of years ago?

Is it because I lust and fantasize over the glorious thought of hand-delivering each member of Freemason Fraternal Alliance and placing them atop the embers of Hell?

Apparently, the plague of Freemasonry is contagious because the reason why the Catholic Church is DENOUNCING the WORD OF GOD is because the treacherous effort of this evil presence has not only infiltrated governments but it has infiltrated the very institution  which condemned it!

Hence, this evil is residing in the holy place of the Church, which it has no right to be in and claiming SANCTUARY!   This conceited arrogance is an unforgivable abomination which GOD will not forget.

The last time I said "SO BE IT" twin earthquakes took over 300 lives in Iran.    Apparently, the Catholic Church doesn't mind the blood of innocent lives dripping from its holy  coth.   So be it!


Then moments later :

M6.0 - 166km SW of Sarangani, Philippines2012-10-17 04:42:31 UTC

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Alejandro, Lady Gaga

Written by Alejandro Carbajal Estrada
ACE, Los Angeles

PAPERBACK B/W : ISBN-13: 978-1480059085
ISBN-10: 1480059080
HARDBACK: ISBN-13: 978-1-300198574

© 2012 ACE, Lakewood California
All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means without written permission from the author.

“Take ye vermin, your plague to Hell and leave me with my sky of Blue – For no god, lesser or True, wishes to pollute their paradise with swine.” ACE


IV Attitude of Ecclesiastical Authorities - The judgment of the Church on secret oath-bound associations has been made abundantly clear by papal documents. Freemasonry was condemned by Clement XII in a  Constitution, dated 28 April 1738. The pope insists on the objectionable character of societies that commit men of all or no religion to a system of mere natural righteousness, that seek their end by binding their votaries to secret pacts by strict oaths often under penalties of the severest character and that plot against the tranquility of the State [1]

Freemasons are the first to defend any claim that exposes their secret practices. Not only have they established nonverbal ways to communicate their alliance, but in the event a Freemason is confronted by a non-Mason for using any nonverbal signal to communicate his alliance covertly to another brother Mason, the defense is as simple as saying “Is there a law against scratching one’s ear?”

However, as an oath-bound society, any allegation brought forth against a Freemason cannot be discredited, nor can it be defended because the defending party would be Masonic and therefore obligated to do and say whatever is necessary to divert attention away from any valid claim.  Masonic biased critics might attack this model of approach; however by taking the Masonic oaths the individual has relinquished their benefit of
doubt. The effect from which, tarnishes anything they say because nothing they say will ever be trustworthy
If they decide to ignore the allegation, they would be acknowledging it as fact and their consent that the claim is valid. Should they challenge and discredit the claim of allegation, the effect would be counter-productive to their defense because the Masonic oaths obligate each Freemason to deny and conceal everything they know is true, and thereby, they would be proving it as fact beyond any reasonable doubt.

LUCIFER, the Light-bearer! Strange and mysterious name to give to the Spirit of Darkness! Lucifer, the Son of the Morning! Is it he who bears the Light, and with its splendors intolerable blinds feeble, sensual or selfish Souls ? Doubt it not![2]

The above reference is from Albert Pike’s publication “Morals and Dogmas” which he authored in 1871. According to Albert Pike,

The single example of the symbolism of words will indicate to [any given Freemason] one branch of Masonic study. We find in the English Rite this phrase:
‘I will always hail, ever conceal, and never reveal’
[In addition to this] Catechism, these:
[Statement].’. “I hail.”
[Response].’. “I conceal,”
and ignorance, misunderstanding the word “hail,” has interpolated the phrase, “From whence do you hail.” But the word is really “hele,” from the Anglo-Saxon verb elan, helan, to cover, hide, or conceal. And this word is rendered by the Latin verb tegere, to cover or roof over “To heal a house,” is a common phrase in Sussex; and in the west of England, he that covers a house with slates is called a Healer. Wherefore, to
“heal” means the same thing as to “tile,”--itself symbolic, as meaning, primarily, to cover a house with tiles,--and means to cover, hide, or conceal. Thus language too is symbolism, and words are as much misunderstood and misused as more material symbols are.[3]

Clearly the basic fundamentals of Freemasonry were written with the intention of creating confusion among its votaries because how can anyone understand the encrypted “hail” not “heal” but “hele” or to “Hell,” never “revel”, or was that, “reveal?” One could argue that Albert Pike’s head was so far behind him, he was speaking in reverse, and his thought process was stuck spinning counter-clockwise and hopeful for traction.
Thus, members of the Freemason Fraternal Alliance will never be credible. The worst aspect about their oaths is how none of them truly know the meaning and are most likely too embarrassed to ask for clarification whether they are supposed to “Hail” when they should “hele” but their guess is as good as mine, so as long they stick to “conceal” and never “reveal,” then they should be good, and so they go with that, and hope for the best. If they say it with confidence, no one will ever suspect they haven’t a clue.

Albert Pike continues to state how

Masonry felt that this Truth had the Omnipotence of God on its side; and that neither Pope nor Potentate could overcome it. It was a truth dropped into the world's wide treasury, and forming a part of the heritage which each generation receives, enlarges, and holds in trust, and of necessity bequeaths to mankind; the personal estate of man, entailed of nature to the end of time. And Masonry early recognized it as true, that
to set forth and develop a truth, or any human excellence of gift or growth, is to make greater the spiritual glory of the race; that whosoever aids the march of a Truth, and makes the thought a thing, writes in the same line with MOSES, and with Him who died upon the cross; and has an intellectual sympathy with the Deity Himself. The best gift we can bestow on man is manhood. It is that which Masonry is ordained of God to
bestow on its votaries: not sectarianism and religious dogma; not a rudimental morality, that may be found in the writings of Confucius, Zoroaster, Seneca, and the Rabbis, in the Proverbs and Ecclesiastes; not a little and cheap common-school knowledge; but manhood and science and philosophy.”[4]

Albert Pike said it best when he stated

The wiser a man becomes, the less will he be inclined to submit tamely to the imposition of fetters or a yoke, on his conscience or his person. For, by increase of wisdom he not only better knows his rights, but the more highly values them, and is more conscious of his worth and dignity. His pride then urges him to assert his independence. He becomes better able to assert it also; and better able to assist others or his country, when they or she stake all, even existence, upon the same assertion. But mere knowledge makes no one independent, nor fits him to be free. It often only makes him a more useful slave.”[5]

In other words, Freemasons are instructed to make it up as they go along. However, as long as they believe they are “right” they are right. But in their self-righteous claim of keeping society blissful in ignorance, they are so far from right they are heading east thinking they will eventually reach Antarctica; they are selfishly benefitting no one but themselves while doing everyone the injustice. According to Albert Pike, knowledge is
useless, yet he reminds every Freemason, that no one other than Masons should have it because the last thing they want is someone reading the ugly truth. With that said, the United States government is infested with Masonic corruption which elevates every Freemason above the Law. Since Freemasonry denies Human Rights to anyone that is not a Freemason, the government of the United States is guilty for violating the Human Rights of every non-Masonic citizen; as per the Dogmas of their craft teach them as being Moral.
That is the reason why the Catholic Church condemned Freemasonry. The absence of morality enables one to define “morality” however they like, because what most people are not aware of, is how morality is not a concept; it is a basic fundamental principle that is absolute, which is literally “installed” by religion.
As a Psychologist, my understanding is that morality has a small window of opportunity for a successful installment which occurs during a child’s cognitive development. Once installed, the individual will have it for the duration of their lifetime. In other words, once you have it, you have it for life, but should you miss it, it is gone forever because morality cannot be taught, it must be installed.

With the successful installment of morality, comes the belief in a deity who is omniscient and who knows everything and will always know everything, which is also known as “conscience” or the voice of morality that one hears speaking to them, in their head, reminding them, of the eternal lasting divine consequence any immoral behavior will result in, which only their deity can deliver. No morality, no conscience, and no argument the chaos would be enormous because there is no limit to the evil human beings are capable of,
and I would even go as far as to say that morality is a third party application which cannot be installed without religion placing it, almost by force, into the minds of the children, who without it, would literally eat each other alive.

Freemasonry is the breakdown of society and the proof is how the Masonic controlled government is working in orchestra with multi-billion dollar corporations like Clear Channel Communications in a scheme of fraud, perjury and homicide whereof wealthy individuals are targeted and murdered in order to acquire their estate assets which explains why the Republican Party does not support Gay Marriage; they hide behind
“Family Values” when the reality is horribly grim.  Most Americans are not aware of this and because Freemasonry is a secret oath-bound society, mainstream America will never know how Freemasons literally get away with murder and when a Freemason commits perjury, in order to uphold their oath, they are exempt from any repercussion.

That is, until now.

This is no conspiracy theory and the names, references, events, dates, and dialog transcripts contained herein are real facts by real people who are still alive today and nothing in this book has been fabricated. ‘Pandora, her Box and her Daddy’s Curse” is intended for every Global citizen. There is nothing anyone can do, that will change the truth exposed in this book; truth that every citizen of the United States of America should be aware of. I offer it to anyone that wishes to know it.

A Fight for Self-Preservation

The term "Antichrist" is the example of the Freemasonic pollution which has been spread throughout the world by THE BEAST in its conceited effort for self-preservation because it knows that the only THREAT against the FREEMASON FRATERNAL ALLIANCE will be the ANTICHRIST.

True believers that have seen prophetic visions inspired by True divinity call him "The Great Catholic Monarch."    

My name is Alejandro Carbajal Estrada.   My mother is Jewish and my father is Christian, thus I was born Jewish, was not raised Jewish, yet I will always be Jewish.   According to numerology, my name equals the number six.    I do not believe in labels such as "homosexuality" or "heterosexuality" BECAUSE these are terms  which have been invented by THE BEAST to keep humankind distracted and confused in chaos.

I do not have a sexual desire for women, however, no one has the right to question my sexuality or emasculate me by claiming I am "homosexual" because trust me, I am very unmistakably true to my gender.

Men should not allow their nature to drive them towards perversion and the effect from succuming to the demands which nature imposes on us, by sexually desiring the acquisition of female virtue, exploits and perverts what should always be revered as holy and sacred.   The crime of perverting a woman's virtue is a crime that is equal to perverting the innocence of a child and any woman with self-respect understands how sacred her virtue truly is because NO SON should ever look at his mother, and see a whore looking back at him asking, in vain, for his forgiveness.

The deceptive fight for gender equality contributes to the Masonic influenced breakdown of society because one gender will never be equal to the other gender and in order to achieve completeness, BOTH GENDERS, must come together and only when working together in unity is gender equality achieved because  one gender's weakness is the other gender's strength  and if one gender is fighting against nature to be equal to the strengths of the other gender, the inequity of mother nature is working against us.

Before I continue, please understand, this is NOT a discussion and keep in mind, only a false god would make an impotent attempt at impetuous persuasion  and my purpose is not for self-glorification but instead, I am here to give the answer given by G-D which you have the choice to accept or reject, and pray, you make the right choice.    I will never ask for  approval or selfishly hope for agreement because as long  as   G-D is behind me, that is the only support I need and be it known, I would not be here, on this day, as it has been prophesied,  if it was not for G-D endorsing my plight.     G-D is the only reason I am alive and fighting for our existence against the BEAST which is trying to consume the Human Race all the while, hiding covertly, as wolves in sheeps clothing, leading the flock down a rocky ridge of which, none will be able to climb up from.

The need for urgency is because one, two maybe three more steps, and the human race will be balancing itself on the edge of a flooded quarry and then, it will not be  matter of if, but only when, the tender hooves of G-D's lamb lose its footing on the slippery slanted rocks of the Quarry; at which point nothing will save us from THE BEAST called FREEMASONRY.

A BEAST which is so close to success, it is already salivating for the taste of sweet human flesh and I will be DAMNED if that BEAST doesn't choke on me because I will not give up fighting--fighting for not just my self-preservation but for the preservation of the entire human race.

THE BEAST has already started to panic and it will say anything to keep control of its host except it will never be able to FACE ME because THE BEAST knows me well enough fear me and on this entire planet, the only thing that will stop THE BEAST is THE ANTICHRIST.

However, I cannot do it alone and I need the Roman Pontiff next to me in order to exterminate this vile vomitus excrement called FREEMASONRY.  

In 1738 Pope Clement XII wrote the Pontifical Constitution entitled "In Eminenti" which Pope Leo XII readdressed in the Pontifical Constitution entitled "Humanum Genus." and thus, the Roman Catholic Church has all ready made its DECISION on the condemnation of Freemasonry.

However, the Roman Catholic Church was TOO LENIENT and by not physically eradicating this presence, they have done the Human Race the injustice and the TIME IS NOW UPON US to take this BEAST by its HORNS and cast it into the LAKE OF FIRE FOREVER!

THE VATICAN does not have a choice and by ignoring me, they have confirmed the authenticity of who I am and I am telling Joseph Ratzinger, that as the current Roman Pontiff, he has the DUTY to ENFORCE the Laws of G-D and he MUST enforce the PONTIFICAL CONSTITUTION of Pope Clement XII and if he does not act NOW on this DAY October 16, 2012 he will make the CHOICE to turn his BACK on G-D and then, G-D save us ALL from the fate that lies before us.

According to the words of Pope Clement XII

Moreover, We desire and command that both Bishops and prelates, and other local ordinaries, as well as inquisitors for heresy, shall investigate and proceed against transgressors of whatever state, grade, condition, order dignity or pre-eminence they may be; and they are to pursue and punish them with condign penalties as being most suspect of heresy. To each and all of these We give and grant the free faculty of calling upon the aid of the secular arm, should the need arise, for investigating and proceeding against those same transgressors and for pursuing and punishing them with condign penalties. Given at Rome, at Saint Mary Mayor, in the year 1738 of Our Lord.

In closing, I give you the Mark of the BEAST

Which is the imprint left behind by the BEAST as the INJUSTICE everyone sees when looking at my face, because the STAMP across my foreheads reads "The Predator and The Prey"