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Alejandro, Lady Gaga

Written by Alejandro Carbajal Estrada
ACE, Los Angeles

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“Take ye vermin, your plague to Hell and leave me with my sky of Blue – For no god, lesser or True, wishes to pollute their paradise with swine.” ACE


IV Attitude of Ecclesiastical Authorities - The judgment of the Church on secret oath-bound associations has been made abundantly clear by papal documents. Freemasonry was condemned by Clement XII in a  Constitution, dated 28 April 1738. The pope insists on the objectionable character of societies that commit men of all or no religion to a system of mere natural righteousness, that seek their end by binding their votaries to secret pacts by strict oaths often under penalties of the severest character and that plot against the tranquility of the State [1]

Freemasons are the first to defend any claim that exposes their secret practices. Not only have they established nonverbal ways to communicate their alliance, but in the event a Freemason is confronted by a non-Mason for using any nonverbal signal to communicate his alliance covertly to another brother Mason, the defense is as simple as saying “Is there a law against scratching one’s ear?”

However, as an oath-bound society, any allegation brought forth against a Freemason cannot be discredited, nor can it be defended because the defending party would be Masonic and therefore obligated to do and say whatever is necessary to divert attention away from any valid claim.  Masonic biased critics might attack this model of approach; however by taking the Masonic oaths the individual has relinquished their benefit of
doubt. The effect from which, tarnishes anything they say because nothing they say will ever be trustworthy
If they decide to ignore the allegation, they would be acknowledging it as fact and their consent that the claim is valid. Should they challenge and discredit the claim of allegation, the effect would be counter-productive to their defense because the Masonic oaths obligate each Freemason to deny and conceal everything they know is true, and thereby, they would be proving it as fact beyond any reasonable doubt.

LUCIFER, the Light-bearer! Strange and mysterious name to give to the Spirit of Darkness! Lucifer, the Son of the Morning! Is it he who bears the Light, and with its splendors intolerable blinds feeble, sensual or selfish Souls ? Doubt it not![2]

The above reference is from Albert Pike’s publication “Morals and Dogmas” which he authored in 1871. According to Albert Pike,

The single example of the symbolism of words will indicate to [any given Freemason] one branch of Masonic study. We find in the English Rite this phrase:
‘I will always hail, ever conceal, and never reveal’
[In addition to this] Catechism, these:
[Statement].’. “I hail.”
[Response].’. “I conceal,”
and ignorance, misunderstanding the word “hail,” has interpolated the phrase, “From whence do you hail.” But the word is really “hele,” from the Anglo-Saxon verb elan, helan, to cover, hide, or conceal. And this word is rendered by the Latin verb tegere, to cover or roof over “To heal a house,” is a common phrase in Sussex; and in the west of England, he that covers a house with slates is called a Healer. Wherefore, to
“heal” means the same thing as to “tile,”--itself symbolic, as meaning, primarily, to cover a house with tiles,--and means to cover, hide, or conceal. Thus language too is symbolism, and words are as much misunderstood and misused as more material symbols are.[3]

Clearly the basic fundamentals of Freemasonry were written with the intention of creating confusion among its votaries because how can anyone understand the encrypted “hail” not “heal” but “hele” or to “Hell,” never “revel”, or was that, “reveal?” One could argue that Albert Pike’s head was so far behind him, he was speaking in reverse, and his thought process was stuck spinning counter-clockwise and hopeful for traction.
Thus, members of the Freemason Fraternal Alliance will never be credible. The worst aspect about their oaths is how none of them truly know the meaning and are most likely too embarrassed to ask for clarification whether they are supposed to “Hail” when they should “hele” but their guess is as good as mine, so as long they stick to “conceal” and never “reveal,” then they should be good, and so they go with that, and hope for the best. If they say it with confidence, no one will ever suspect they haven’t a clue.

Albert Pike continues to state how

Masonry felt that this Truth had the Omnipotence of God on its side; and that neither Pope nor Potentate could overcome it. It was a truth dropped into the world's wide treasury, and forming a part of the heritage which each generation receives, enlarges, and holds in trust, and of necessity bequeaths to mankind; the personal estate of man, entailed of nature to the end of time. And Masonry early recognized it as true, that
to set forth and develop a truth, or any human excellence of gift or growth, is to make greater the spiritual glory of the race; that whosoever aids the march of a Truth, and makes the thought a thing, writes in the same line with MOSES, and with Him who died upon the cross; and has an intellectual sympathy with the Deity Himself. The best gift we can bestow on man is manhood. It is that which Masonry is ordained of God to
bestow on its votaries: not sectarianism and religious dogma; not a rudimental morality, that may be found in the writings of Confucius, Zoroaster, Seneca, and the Rabbis, in the Proverbs and Ecclesiastes; not a little and cheap common-school knowledge; but manhood and science and philosophy.”[4]

Albert Pike said it best when he stated

The wiser a man becomes, the less will he be inclined to submit tamely to the imposition of fetters or a yoke, on his conscience or his person. For, by increase of wisdom he not only better knows his rights, but the more highly values them, and is more conscious of his worth and dignity. His pride then urges him to assert his independence. He becomes better able to assert it also; and better able to assist others or his country, when they or she stake all, even existence, upon the same assertion. But mere knowledge makes no one independent, nor fits him to be free. It often only makes him a more useful slave.”[5]

In other words, Freemasons are instructed to make it up as they go along. However, as long as they believe they are “right” they are right. But in their self-righteous claim of keeping society blissful in ignorance, they are so far from right they are heading east thinking they will eventually reach Antarctica; they are selfishly benefitting no one but themselves while doing everyone the injustice. According to Albert Pike, knowledge is
useless, yet he reminds every Freemason, that no one other than Masons should have it because the last thing they want is someone reading the ugly truth. With that said, the United States government is infested with Masonic corruption which elevates every Freemason above the Law. Since Freemasonry denies Human Rights to anyone that is not a Freemason, the government of the United States is guilty for violating the Human Rights of every non-Masonic citizen; as per the Dogmas of their craft teach them as being Moral.
That is the reason why the Catholic Church condemned Freemasonry. The absence of morality enables one to define “morality” however they like, because what most people are not aware of, is how morality is not a concept; it is a basic fundamental principle that is absolute, which is literally “installed” by religion.
As a Psychologist, my understanding is that morality has a small window of opportunity for a successful installment which occurs during a child’s cognitive development. Once installed, the individual will have it for the duration of their lifetime. In other words, once you have it, you have it for life, but should you miss it, it is gone forever because morality cannot be taught, it must be installed.

With the successful installment of morality, comes the belief in a deity who is omniscient and who knows everything and will always know everything, which is also known as “conscience” or the voice of morality that one hears speaking to them, in their head, reminding them, of the eternal lasting divine consequence any immoral behavior will result in, which only their deity can deliver. No morality, no conscience, and no argument the chaos would be enormous because there is no limit to the evil human beings are capable of,
and I would even go as far as to say that morality is a third party application which cannot be installed without religion placing it, almost by force, into the minds of the children, who without it, would literally eat each other alive.

Freemasonry is the breakdown of society and the proof is how the Masonic controlled government is working in orchestra with multi-billion dollar corporations like Clear Channel Communications in a scheme of fraud, perjury and homicide whereof wealthy individuals are targeted and murdered in order to acquire their estate assets which explains why the Republican Party does not support Gay Marriage; they hide behind
“Family Values” when the reality is horribly grim.  Most Americans are not aware of this and because Freemasonry is a secret oath-bound society, mainstream America will never know how Freemasons literally get away with murder and when a Freemason commits perjury, in order to uphold their oath, they are exempt from any repercussion.

That is, until now.

This is no conspiracy theory and the names, references, events, dates, and dialog transcripts contained herein are real facts by real people who are still alive today and nothing in this book has been fabricated. ‘Pandora, her Box and her Daddy’s Curse” is intended for every Global citizen. There is nothing anyone can do, that will change the truth exposed in this book; truth that every citizen of the United States of America should be aware of. I offer it to anyone that wishes to know it.

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