Wednesday, October 17, 2012

G-D gave The Roman Pontiff a deadline which was completely ignored.

At 3:51 PM PT on October 16, 2012 I sent the Los Angeles Archdiocese this letter:

I truly hope your offices realize that by ignoring GOD, the Roman Catholic Church is fulfilling the Abomination of Desolation Antichrist prophecy.   I am not a religious person nor am I versed in theology, and I have avoided the Catholic Church since making the decision not to make my Confirmation; so why am I here now?    As an ordinary layman, sinner and hedonist, why am I repeating the same words written by Popes hundreds of years ago?

Is it because I lust and fantasize over the glorious thought of hand-delivering each member of Freemason Fraternal Alliance and placing them atop the embers of Hell?

Apparently, the plague of Freemasonry is contagious because the reason why the Catholic Church is DENOUNCING the WORD OF GOD is because the treacherous effort of this evil presence has not only infiltrated governments but it has infiltrated the very institution  which condemned it!

Hence, this evil is residing in the holy place of the Church, which it has no right to be in and claiming SANCTUARY!   This conceited arrogance is an unforgivable abomination which GOD will not forget.

The last time I said "SO BE IT" twin earthquakes took over 300 lives in Iran.    Apparently, the Catholic Church doesn't mind the blood of innocent lives dripping from its holy  coth.   So be it!


Then moments later :

M6.0 - 166km SW of Sarangani, Philippines2012-10-17 04:42:31 UTC

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