Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Bye Bye Miss American Pie

A Billion Dollar Farce .... if I were anyone else .... I would either be a millionaire, dead, or in prison. I say some really colorful shit and the fact that everyone pretends not to hear it, is as ridiculous as getting caught hiding in someone's closet watching them have sex [you assholes know who I'm talking to] and then closing your eyes and whispering "Please God don't let him see me." I can dismantle the Pope with two sentences and leave his Bishops pissing their pants and yet they still think they're bigger than God.

I don't pick fights, but if anyone wants to dance, they better be ready for one hell of ride because I promise to make it memorable. When Catholic.com called me a heretic for making the statement that God gave me the right to speak on its behalf, God responded by sending me an Archbishop named Vigano for me to play with like it were a vagina and I am fucking the hell out of that name every way but decent. As long as God grants me the cart blanch, it does not matter what anyone thinks.

Ultimately, God is saying, they are a fucking joke and allowing me to use them accordingly. They should have thought about it, before sending me a jester.

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