Friday, November 9, 2012

Complete Desolation

I have to admit, that up until today I kind of have been playing a game with the "earthquakes and hurricanes" business. In February 2010, I remember the night I said those words of infamy. The depth of pain I was going through was immense. I felt totally helpless and all I knew was that I wanted the bullying to stop, forever. Hours later, when Chile was hit with a magnitude 8.8 earthquake I honestly believed it was a coincidence. I have always said jokingly that 3 is my signature number, so it was kind of strange how three tsunamis followed the earthquake, which hit exactly where I said it would hit. Nonetheless, I am too "level headed" to actually believe God existed. When I wrote my book, I integrated the "God" theme as a marketing gimmick because just me bitching about a bunch of worthless drug addict alleged murders is quite frankly, pathetic. My decision to elevate my case to God's jurisdiction was a leap of faith which I made completely blind. They say that timing is everything, and I tend to be more lucky than not, so I figured I was pretty damn lucky on my timing. However, this morning, when I received the news about the Vasquez family in Guatemala, a part of me died. Even now, my soul aches for them and I cannot type about their tragedy without shedding tears for them. But aside from my selfish sensitivity, that event was so profound, even I am finding it difficult to digest. God does not get more tangible that than event, because the event occurred exactly as I said it would less than a month ago. In fact, my words are on record on more than just one or two mediums, but several media sources. Even I am unable to discredit myself this time, and believe me, I find flaws in EVERYTHING; especially my own shit. I privately discredit everything I publish, FIRST, to myself in order to prepare for how I will be attacked. The earthquake in Guatemala is beyond coincidence, which validates my credibility for the things I have said since February 2010. Since Michael Goss was killed, I have wanted to be wrong more than anything. I pushed limits, made crazy allegations thinking there was no way I could be right; as crazy as it sounds, I may not have been completely wrong.

When we pray to our God asking for relief on behalf of those who have died, will die and are suffering, we should acknowledge in our prayers, how unmerciful Mother Nature truly is and in our humble request for the absolution of our brothers' and sisters' souls, we should not ignore how the unrighteous will be counted among the righteous and because our God is omniscient, in his Omnipotence we pray that our God judge us, on each of our days of judgment, accordingly so that the righteous may receive salvation and the unrighteous shall receive a divine consequence most befitting their sins, as their eternal sentence in Hell.

In my most unworthy imperfection, this is my prayer. In the name of my Lord, all mighty God, Allah. Amen.

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